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Murder Bereavement Support

A death of a loved one is always difficult. But losing a loved one to murder or manslaughter is exponentially more difficult. Not only is it a sudden and unexpected death, but how the person died is naturally more troubling than an illness or accident. As tempting as it is to shield children and young people from the details of a violent death, the police, and media involvement makes it very likely they will hear the disturbing details. It's best if they find out from you.

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Emotional Support

It is imperative to talk clearly about what happened and acknowledge the truth of what they saw and heard.


Age-Appropriate Information

Very young children are helped by having a simple story that they can use to re-tell and slowly make sense of and accept what has happened


Being Honest

Giving the child an honest explanation will help them make sense of what they are hearing and what is happening.


Questions Are Okay

Supportive adults may need to anticipate the questions and anxieties a child may develop in their mind and take responsibility for initiating those conversations.

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The Morgan Ashlye Fox Foundation

The Morgan Ashlye Fox Foundation's purpose is to provide guidance, hope, and stability for those whose loved ones have become victims of tragic acts of violence or death, and to offer the same support, navigation, and hope to victims of bullying or harassment in the workplace. Our primary focus is to support children who have lost a parent to violence.

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According to New York Life Foundation research, a parent’s death usually severely impacts a child. 85% of children experience difficulty sleeping, angry outbursts, worry, depression, bed-wetting, and thumb-sucking. Some of ...

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    October 12, 2022

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